A New Path to Peace: China’s Economic Development Strategy in the Middle East


  • Ramsha Kalhoro International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Syed Fakhar-ul Hassan Karakorum International University




Economic Development, Israel-Palestine conflict, China, Innovative Strategy, Peace Promotion


China has been engaged in many economic initiatives, like investing in Israeli high-tech start-ups, promoting tourism and developing infrastructure. The purpose of China taking these initiatives is to make better economic connections with countries to facilitate the peace-building process. China is using this economic strategy to resolve the conflict between Israel and Palestine in contrast to the traditional diplomatic approach used by the United States. The above-mentioned economic development strategy of China creates a loop where good economic relations will lead to peaceful coexistence and economic prosperity. Therefore, this research aims to explore the “how” factor to understand the contribution of innovative strategy, based on economic incentives, to resolving conflicts specifically between Israel and Palestine. This research thoroughly analyzes China's economic development strategy for its relevance to conflict resolution in the Middle East. The study utilizes primary and secondary sources, including existing literature, policy documents, official statements, case studies, and data analysis. Special attention is given to the complex political landscape of the Israel-Palestine region, considering the involvement of various external actors and the deep-seated feelings of distrust between Israel and Palestine. The paper adopts a comprehensive approach to assess China's strategy as a potential avenue for conflict resolution.

Author Biographies

Ramsha Kalhoro , International Islamic University Islamabad

The author is a Student at the International Islamic University of Islamabad

Syed Fakhar-ul Hassan, Karakorum International University

The author is a student at Karakorum International University, Gilgit, Pakistan




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Kalhoro , R., & Hassan, S. F. (2023). A New Path to Peace: China’s Economic Development Strategy in the Middle East. Journal of Peace and Diplomacy, 4(1), 61–77. https://doi.org/10.59111/JPD.004.01.037