Twitter Diplomacy in the UAE and Saudi Arabia: Managing Media Crises


  • Dr. Najat Alsaied University of Sharjah



Twitter diplomacy, Twiplomacy , digital diplomacy, e-diplomacy, public, media, crisis management, mainstream media


The study explores Twitter diplomacy as a tool for managing media crises in the mainstream American and British media, with a particular focus on four significant political topics concerning the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. These include the Qatar diplomatic crisis, the Yemeni war, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood. The study evaluates the impact of Twitter diplomacy on media coverage of these issues. It covers three new research areas: Arabian Gulf Twitter diplomacy, the influence of Twitter diplomacy on American and British mainstream media, and examine the utilization of traditional and social media in both Western and Arabian Gulf contexts. The findings of the study suggest that Twitter diplomacy alone cannot address Western media crises. The study employed a qualitative descriptive methodology that utilized a combination of data collection techniques and qualitative analysis methods, including critical discourse analysis and elite interviews.

Author Biography

Dr. Najat Alsaied, University of Sharjah

Dr. Najat Al Saied is an author, consultant, and news contributor specializing in the GCC and MENA regions. She was formerly an Adjunct Professor at the American University in the Emirates, College of Mass Media and Communication, and is currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the University of Sharjah. She is a columnist for both Al-Ittihad and Arab News and is a contributor to the i24NEWS English Channel. Her 2022 book, "Twitter Diplomacy: Media Polarization Before and After the Abraham Accords," is a bestseller in the United States and has gained recognition across the Middle East, Europe, and North America.




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Alsaied, N. (2023). Twitter Diplomacy in the UAE and Saudi Arabia: Managing Media Crises. Journal of Peace and Diplomacy, 4(1), 1–27.