Publication Process

Step 1: Submission 

The author initiates the submission process by registering and creating an author account on the journal's online submission system.

Step 2: Initial review 

After submission, the editorial team conducts an initial review of the article to ensure it aligns with the journal's scope and adheres to its standards . If the article meets these criteria, it proceeds to the next stage, i.e., double-blind peer review. However, if the article fails to meet the journal's requirements, it is rejected without undergoing further review.

Step 3: Peer review 

In this process, the identities of the author and reviewers are kept anonymous to each other. Typically, two or more independent reviewers with expertise in the article's subject area evaluate the article for its originality, quality, methodology, significance, and relevance to the field.

Step 4: Revisions 

Based on the reviewers' feedback, the author may be asked to revise the article to address any concerns or suggestions.

Step 5: Final decision 

Once the revisions are completed, the revised article is reviewed by the editorial team and a final decision is made about whether to accept or reject the article. If accepted, the article moves to the production stage.

Step 6: APC Submission

After the final decision to accept the article for publication has been made, the author is typically requested to submit the Article Processing Charge (APC).
*Detailed information about the APC, including payment instructions can be found here

Step 7: Copyediting and Production  

The accepted article undergoes copyediting and typesetting to ensure consistency and readability. Authors may be asked to review and approve the final proofs before publication.

Step 8: Publication 

 Once the final proofs are approved, the manuscript is published in the journal's upcoming issue.