On the verge of misplacement: Pacific Island and climate-induced migration


  • Tooba Urooj Independent Researcher




Climate change, Pacific island, migration, international conventions, statehood


The Pacific Island nations are severely impacted by climate change due to their comparatively miniscule geography, dense population concentration, and reliance on ecological systems for longevity. Pacific Islanders are compelled to leave their homes and migrate due to dwindling resources for their subsistence, freshwater, and nutrition, which leads to climate-persuaded migration. Such migration is likely to obliterate the indigenous perspectives and sense of national identity. Considering it, there is a good chance that the international reaction to global changing climate will result in a reduction in migration. The international accords are falling short of attaining their climate change objectives through the use of qualitative evaluation of secondary data gathered primarily from online sites, as well as scholarly articles. As a result, minimizing the effects of climate change is of prime significance & this global risk necessitates worldwide dedication to identify & address the terrible ramifications in order to lessen the increase in migration. The research comprehends migration & climate change’s linkage. The recent growing tendencies in migration would be illustrated by the study of Kiribati. The case study would also demonstrate how important it is to put existing international conventions into practice in order to protect Pacific Island communities and their right of statehood.

Author Biography

Tooba Urooj, Independent Researcher

Tooba Urooj is a Legum Baccalaureus graduate from Pakistan.
Her major areas of interest include the Strategic Stability of Asia, Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, and National Security.




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Urooj, T. (2022). On the verge of misplacement: Pacific Island and climate-induced migration . Journal of Peace and Diplomacy, 3(1), 47–60. https://doi.org/10.59111/JPD.003.01.017