Editor's Report

It gives me great pleasure to present this editor's report for the Journal of Peace and Diplomacy. The journal is dedicated to the latest academic research and applied information related to peace and diplomacy and diverse fields of social sciences.

We are pleased to report that we receive a diverse range of submissions from all over the world, highlighting the global scope and impact of our publication. Our review team, composed of experienced and knowledgeable scholars, thoroughly evaluates each submission and provides constructive feedback to improve the quality of the research.

We take pride in our publication process, which is transparent and efficient. The double-blind peer-review process ensures that each submission is evaluated without bias, and the final decision is based solely on the quality and relevance of the research.

The journal aims to serve as a platform for scholars and practitioners to exchange ideas, insights, and experiences related to peace and diplomacy. We strive to publish original research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in this critical field and that can inform policy-making and implementation.

We look forward to continuing our mission and publishing high-quality research that contributes to a better understanding of international relations, peace, and diplomacy. We thank our contributors, reviewers, and readers for their support and engagement, and we invite you to submit your work to our publication.



Dr. Muhammad Munir
Editor,   Journal of Peace and Diplomacy